• Lab-quality pregnancy test
  • Ultrasound
    • rule-out ectopic pregnancy
    • determine viability
    • determine fetal age
  • No judgment. Just compassionate care.
  • Lab-quality pregnancy test
  • Ultrasound
    • confirm pregnancy date
    • determine viability (up to 1 in 4 miscarry)
    • rule-out ectopic pregnancy
  • determine viability (up to 1 in 4 miscarry)
Safe environment to talk about your pregnancy decision and next steps.
All at no cost to you.

You are not alone.  We’re here to help.  Our trained Client Advocates and Medical Professionals are ready to assist you.  At Pregnancy Resource Center Medical Clinic you’ll receive a FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL pregnancy consultation and pre-abortion consultation.  Call, text, or book an appointment today. Your safety and privacy are our priority.

We provide care that’s private, safe, supportive, accessible and convenient.

Discreet care on your schedule

You Are Not Alone

“The minute I walked in here I felt calm. Everyone was so caring and supportive. Even the decor was calm and serene.”
“The people at PRC in San Clemente are so kind, they treat you with respect and care.”
“Thank you so much for your support! Because of you guys at Pregnancy Resource Center in San Clemente and all the information you gave me, I decided to keep my son and try to work things out with my family.”

What Our Clients Say

Questions and Answers

Walk-ins are welcome. However, it is best to make an appointment to minimize your office wait time. Please call or text 949.334.7722, or click schedule an appointment online and for information on abortion costs, click here. All our services are at no cost to you.
Absolutely. You can bring your boyfriend, family member, or friend. We will talk with you privately first. Then, provided you have given us consent to have them in the room, your guest will be able to join you.
You’ll be welcomed by our receptionist who will introduce you to your client advocate. She will listen to you judgment-free and provide you with information followed by a pregnancy test. If your test is positive, you’ll be scheduled for an ultrasound to determine fetal age and viability.
If you have taken a home pregnancy test, it is best to confirm results with a laboratory-quality test at our center or mobile clinic.

Our tests can be performed 7 to 10 days after conception. A client with a negative result may be invited to return within 2 weeks for a repeat test if she has not had her period.
We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Clients will be protected from disclosure of information that violates the right to privacy except when required by law, required for public health reasons, required to avert a threat of harm to the client or a third person, or when other circumstances may reasonably warrant such use or disclosure without prior authorization (e.g., abuse reporting, suicide/homicide prevention, etc.).
We recommend you make an appointment if you have missed a period, have any pregnancy related questions, or think you might be pregnant.
On-site ultrasounds are available after an initial intake with one of our client advocates. Our limited ultrasound exams are performed by a licensed nurse sonographer or RDMS (registered sonographer) and reviewed by a licensed physician. An ultrasound confirms a viable pregnancy and determines how far along you are. To qualify for a limited ultrasound, you’ll need to be a minimum of 6 weeks since your last menstrual period.
You can still meet with a member of our staff to discuss your concerns. An ultrasound is recommended to know if your pregnancy is viable and in your uterus, since 20% – 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Additionally, the ultrasound indicates fetal age, which should be considered when making an abortion decision. We can provide a limited ultrasound at no cost to you.